Groomers: Read this Before Using CBD!

Most CBD companies recommend you place the CBD oil in your dog's mouth to administer properly. The CBD oil is absorbed faster through capillaries in your dog's tongue and gums resulting in faster, more effective relief.

What if the Dog is Already Taking CBD?

If your client walks in with a dog who is already taking CBD oil, be sure to discuss how much CBD oil was provided and when their next dose should be given to keep them as calm as possible. This is particularly important if their dog will be away from them for a long duration of time.


Adding on CBD Oil to Your Grooming Services

CBD oil can be an excellent 'add-on' to the services your offer as a groomer. For example, for clients who would like CBD oil provided to their dog, you could charge an 'add-on fee' of 'x' dollars so you're able to cover the cost from obtaining CBD oil from the company.

If you are considering doing this, you should offer an array of educational materials regarding CBD including business cards, brochures, and perhaps even an e-book to help your client learn about the benefits.

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