3 Common Skin Problems in Dogs

If you are taking a look at your dog and notice her coat appears to be dry, brittle, or otherwise unhealthy, this article is a must-read. In addition to the poor appearance, you may notice your dog consistently scratching and chewing. 

Skin problems are a common concern among dog lovers. These concerns are often addressed at the veterinarian's office and/or the groomer's office. 

The following are the three most common complaints.

My Dog Has Itchy Skin and a Dry, Dull Coat


Dogs who have itchy skin are common. You may have heard your vet refer to this condition as pruritus (just in case you are doing your own research). 

Scratching continuously can result in a miserable dog and a miserable pet parent. We absolutely despise watching our dog suffer through any type of condition. We want our dogs to be comfortable, happy, and healthy.

If you have ever had dry, itchy skin, you may have an inkling of how your dog is feeling. Grooming your dog on a regular basis can help reduce itchy skin, but don't forget to take your dog to see the veterinarian first to see what her or his thoughts are regarding the cause.

My Dog Has Allergies: Not the Sneezing Kind


Allergies are a common cause of dry, itchy skin in dogs. The difficult part with allergies is finding out what the allergen is. Is your dog experiencing allergic reactions due to her food? Due to the environment? Due to fleas? That's something your veterinarian can help you with. 

From your veterinarian, you can then speak to your groomer regarding the care necessary to maintain a healthy coat and healthy skin.

Yuck! My Dog Has Hot Spots


Mites and fleas may cause itchy skin. Bacterial infections could also be a possibility. Hot spots (also known as moist dermatitis) are often seen in dogs who have these 'itchy skin causes.' 

Unfortunately, hot spots can spread quickly so you'll want to get them taken care of as soon as possible.

CBD Can Help with Allergies


CBD oil has been found to help reduce allergies in dogs.


CBD Oil for Dogs reduces inflammation in the body. Of course you still want to contact your veterinarian and speak to the groomer regarding your dog's dry, dull, itchy skin, but the CBD oil can help reduce the symptoms and improve your dog's health while you are getting help.